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Are you a home business owner?
Looking for a web presence for your small business?
Is it time to redesign your web site?
OR Do you wish to know how effective your web presence have been?
You have come to the right place! Here’s why you may consider placing your web project with BOVIS:

-  Really affordable cost for small and home business
-  Proven professional quality
-  Deep understanding of small business needs

Some nifty articles to make your website work great!

Web Promotion – A Starters Guide

by Amin Lalani

There was an era when people were talking about how to create a website using html coding or some easy tools to create attractive website in seconds. Today we are a level up, and we seek how to promote our website so that, the actual purpose of selling products or services could be attained by bringing more target visitors to the website. more…

Website Promotion Strategies to Boost Your Internet Marketing Business

by Kanaga Sivaraj

The success of an Internet Marketing Website depends to a great extent on the targeted traffic the website is able to generate. This is where the Website Promotion Strategies adopted by the webmasters play a very significant role in boosting their sales and popularity. The consequences of neglecting these website promotion strategies means only one thing. You loose to your internet marketing competitor. more…

Traffic Generation Using Only Free Methods

by Brice Mattson

Putting up a company would of course require a lot of things, to get straight to the point, you need capital. To make money requires money as well. But of course, with the versatility the internet offers, there are many ways you could find that may help optimize the potential of your site or business in generating traffic. more…

Testing and Optimizing your Traffic

by Jessica VanderHaar

It is vitally important for the success of your Internet Business that you know the strengths and weaknesses of your website so that you are able to not only generate traffic for your website but also turn that traffic into profit. Having a clear plan of action when testing your website will assist you in recognizing where your website is working and where it is falling short. You will then be able to make the necessary changes to improve the conversion of visits to sales. more…

Reciprocal and Non-Reciprocal Links… What's the Difference?

by Tom Dahne

Once your website is up and raring to go, it is important to start formulating a marketing strategy. The obvious goal is to attract as many visitors as you can. One of the best ways to do this is through a "Linking Campaign". more…

How To Get Indexed In Google Search Fast Without Submitting To Google

by Wayne Hagerty

Most new websites think that the only way to get indexed into Google search or any search engine is to submit there website. more…

Getting Good Free Traffic

by Anwar Ahmed Ally

You’ve published a website right? You realize that it’s a meaningless endeavor unless you get some good traffic. You have absolutely no money for expensive advertising campaigns. In fact, your advertising budget is virtually non-existent. Read on to discover some simple methods to get good free traffic. more…


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